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13 July 2010

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14 August 2009

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flower lamp
10 February 2009

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17 June 2008

Recent Comments

Dulcie on for georgia
Well, by today's post, I see we BOTH like 'blur.' This is a lovely image with soft mood, color and ...

Curly on for georgia
Simple, effective, well thought out, and beautiful.

Lisa on for georgia
so pretty...

Rosa on for georgia
Beautiful shot!

Tahir on for georgia
Simple and elegant. Very nice indeed. Thank you for sharing!

bm on storm runner
really like this effect - the colors and the composition are also intriguing.

Emilio Garcia on self-portrait?
I like this self-portrait with its subtle colors and interesting composition.

Müge on two lights
Attractive, interesting and beautiful

Emilio Garcia on innosam
The light in the background acts as an "aura" on this portrait. Clever and very nice effect.

Marco on silhouette
hi anna, nice silhouette and contrast... well done

Emilio Garcia on Monterey
Very interesting and clever effect. It is a very different take of a much photographed landscape but you can always ...

Emilio Garcia on it's all a blur
Interesting and beautiful photograph. It seems to communicate what you describe and more.

Charles on innosam
Nice portrait. I really like the processing..draws you into the portrait. Thanks for sharing.

Christina on groovy
I spy with my little eye someone who's never running for president.

Anna on lurks in the light
haha, yeah, it's in SC.

Christina on lurks in the light
wow. Is this in Santa Cruz? /stereotyping

Christina on Monterey
Incredible. This should be on the cover of my copy of Moby Dick.

Christina on mazel tov
I wanna rub his scruff. Is that wrong?

Marco on feminine mystique
particular shot....

Christina on look-alike
Peace be with you.

Simon Tew on look-alike
great capture. I keep expecting him to open his eyes.

HoMo on i dream of branches
wow - Perfect - I Love This Tree

Christina on i dream of branches
Absolutely gorgeous. Fit for rasterbating, even.

H.O on i dream of branches
Very nice capture :)

Rhys on i dream of branches
great delicate spring image.

Tracey on adam is in love with hiking.
I like the steepness of the hill and the green is fantastic. His face looks a bit green though. Is there a color ...

Genevieve on adam is in love with hiking.
nice green!

Christina on adam is in love with hiking.
So green! I love this.

ajoeh on lonely jazz fan
Great BW portrait.

Christina on lonely jazz fan
Wow, so lovely. It's like a single-frame noir film.

Peter on it's all a blur
beautiful picture. It feels like the person in the picture wants to say something but his message can't reach us.

amy on janee in the shadows
Nicely done!! The shadows and b/w are just excellent!

Daroru on janee in the shadows
Nice work with silhouette and light. Artful composition.

filipe franco on janee in the shadows
like the dark tones here.. beautiful capture! Regards

Christina on pondering hippie
And he said, "You're a cow! Give me some milk or else go home!"

Christina on it's all a blur
This is so lovely.

Christina on the burgeoning glamour of sonnyP
Wow! I didn't know you could do that!

Christina on puddle of trees
Oh <i>swoon</i>. Incredible.

Lock on puddle of trees
nice. Me likes :)

Sandrine on puddle of trees
Lovely puddle! :) excellent shot!

Daroru on puddle of trees
Nice delicate wok. Well done.

Daroru on la petite
Nice warm, emotional shot.

Reza on pondering hippie
Beautifully taken. I like the bluriness of this picture and B&W works here really well.

Stefan on pondering hippie
exellent, i like your photos very much!

Stefan on darkly dreaming of ocean city
I like your manner of photography very well!

Dimitrios on pondering hippie
it does! cool shot

TravBoy on les jeunes filles
powerful blur.

agathe on la petite
very nice shot!

anton on les jeunes filles
Nice dreamy evocative shot

Dimitrios on la petite
cool shot, 40s 50s look

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